REFERENCE version 1.1.0 released!

Our killer referencing plugin just got a serious update! You can access the update by clicking the (?) icon in the top right corner of REFERENCE. You'll see:

This is REFERENCE version [1.02]
An update is available, click to download.


Click the link to get the latest version of REFERENCE. If you haven't tried REFERENCE yet, you can download the free trial here


- Automatic Track Alignment improvements

Automatic track alignment

- New Feature! Manual Track Alignment

If the reference track is not an alternate version of the track you’re working on the Track Align button will change to show a slider. Click to open the sample slider.

The slider direction works as if you were moving audio from within your DAW. Move the slider to left to move your reference track forward, and move it to the right to delay it. Click the ‘Mix’ button to preview both your Original and Reference at the same time. This can make it easier to line up the two tracks manually.

To re-open the sample slider hover your mouse over the slider icon. Take your mouse off the wave transport to minimise the sample slider.

Automatic track alignment

- Mirror / Free user defaults supported

- New Original / Reference toggle button

Original reference toggle button

- Loads last used window size

- Reference track name displayed on wave transport

- Bug Fixes

- Offline Activation

- Better error code reporting.

- UI and UX Fixes





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