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Reseting Your License

You can reset your license yourself by clicking the ‘key’ icon in the top right corner of the software. You’ll see a button that says ‘Deauthorise’. Click that and you’ll be able to use your license on a different machine.

You can remotely deactivate your license if you don't have access to the software. Login to your account, go to the 'My products' tab and deactivate your license there. If your license doesn't show up in your account, click the 'Register Product' tab, enter your license into the box and click submit. You will find it listed under 'My products' after refreshing the tab. 



Offline Authorisation Instructions

1. Open the software, click the key icon, then click 'Click here for offline authorisation'.

2. Copy and paste the license code sent to you via email into the box that says ‘Product Key’. Your license code will have this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

3. Click 'Generate' to generate your Offline Activation Request XML. This file will be saved to your desktop. (If authorising ANIMATE, select the mode you will be activating from the dropdown menu (i.e Ignite), or leave ‘Full Version’ if you purchased the full ANIMATE license.)

4. Transfer this file to an online computer.

5. Upload the file to our website ( and you will receive an Activation Response XML file download.

6. Transfer that file onto your offline computer.

7. Click 'Load' then locate your Activation Response XML file to authorise your software offline.


Windows: Network Adapters

If you're seeing the message "Enable the network adapters and retry." Then there could be network adapters on your system that are disabled and our licensing system can't read their hardware properties. If you can enable the network adapters and retry. You can disable them after and it should be OK.

To do this automatically you can run your DAW as admin (right click on the .exe and choose Run as administrator) once only and try authorising then.

If that doesnt work, then there could be an issue with the WMI repository on your PC that is used by our authorisation.

It may have been corrupted buy a virus or a cleaner utility. It will need to be rebuilt, it has probably been affecting other programs too. Certainly the authorisation process for our software will be broken.

It's a fairly simple process take a look at this video:

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