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Instructions - Mastering Competition Oct 2021

1) Download the audio file you’ll be working with HERE.

Samurai Mastering Competition

2) Download Mastering The Mix’s complete guide to stereo mastering HERE

How To Stereo Master A Song

3) Download Mastering The Mix plugin free trials to help you: Mac / Win

Mastering The Mix Plugin Banner

4) Master the song as best as you can. Use whatever reference track you feel is best.

5) Upload your song HERE. (Please include your name and email in the file)

6) Your entry must be submitted by Sunday October 31st 2021. 


Winner: NFR licenses of full Mastering The Mix plugin bundle [REFERENCE, BASSROOM, MIXROOM, LEVELS, EXPOSE 2, ANIMATE]

Second Place: Two Mastering The Mix plugins of your choice

Third Place: One Mastering The Mix plugin of your choice

First 10 entrants will get feedback on their masters.


If you have any questions or problems, please reach out via our support form below we’ll take a look and do our best to help the situation.