How To Add The Finishing Touches To A Final Mix

The last part of the mix can be the hardest. Your track has all the elements it needs, but something doesn't feel quite right about it. Those final tweaks can make all the difference between a good mix and a great mix. In this video, I explain my approach to making the final touches when mixing audio.


The Techniques I Discuss


How to use reference tracks.

Level matching reference tracks using LEVELS.

How to make the vocals stand out in the mix.

How to dial in the perfect amount of bass using a Subpac S2

Getting more ‘attitude’ on the snare.

Adding punch and definition to percussion.

How to get the kick and bass working well together.

Using distortion to add clarity.

Using automation to add dynamic lifts and increase emotion.



The Tools I Use



Subpac S2

Avantone Mixcube




Plugin Alliance

Logic Pro X