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At Mastering The Mix, our mission is to provide artists with mixes and masters of the highest conceivable quality. Our aim is to educate our clients on ways we can achieve this together at all stages of the production process. 

Tom Frampton - Audio Engineer

Audio engineer, producer, drummer, guitarist, singer, DJ... When Tom Frampton isn't writing electronic tracks for his club sets, he’s working with other artists helping them carve their way through the ever changing musical landscape. His technical and clinical approach to production allows his musicality and creativity to reach its fullest potential. 

Being a passionate drummer from an early age, Tom became infatuated with music. He progressed through his teenage years and achieved grade 8 on both guitar and drums at the age of 14. He continued along his musical path and received a first class honours degree from the London College of Music in 2012. Following this, Tom became the audio engineer for a production studio in Sussex. It was here that he worked with chart topping electronic producers such as Chuckie, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta. Tom was writing with some of the most talented producers on the scene and was inhaling production secrets all day long. In 2014 he decided it was time to fly solo. Tom opened his own mixing, mastering and project studio in central London called Mastering The Mix, where he continues to work with world class artists such as Tiesto.

In keeping with Toms obsession with technical detail, his new studio was an audio engineers dream. He installed three comprehensive monitoring systems and had the acoustic treatment installed by GIK. His professional set up and high quality work makes Tom the ideal engineer for both aspiring songwriters and accomplished producers. 

In 2016, Mastering The Mix branched out from only providing studio services and created a mixing and metering plugin called LEVELS.


At Mastering The Mix, producers were constantly sending Tom mixes with the same reoccurring technical issues. Tom was repeating himself during phone conversations with new and existing clients about how to get a technically excellent final mix. This information isn't some kind of industry secret that he only gives to his paying customers. It’s a simple yet crucial checklist that many people overlook in the final stages of their mix. The majority of these people weren’t using metering plugins because they're difficult to understand and can smother creativity. It seemed clear to Tom that there was a vacuum in the market for a producer friendly plugin that had all the tools to get a great final mix. 

Tom teamed up with software developers 29 Palms and they developed their concept for a revolutionary metering plugin that would be incredibly easy to read and understand. The visuals on LEVELS are engaging and informative without being intimidating. The plugin only draws your attention to elements that need fixing, which makes the user experience completely unique. Their goal was to make assessing technical information as painless and enjoyable as possible.



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