LEVELS 2.0 Released!

Our metering plugin LEVELS just got a serious update! You can access the update by clicking the (?) icon in the top right corner of LEVELS. You'll see:

This is LEVELS version [1.2]
An update is available, click to download.


This is a free update for existing customers. Existing customers can access the update via their account area on Mastering The Mix or from within LEVELS itself by clicking the (?) icon in the top right corner of the GUI.

If you haven't tried LEVELS yet, you can download the free trial.

This update includes:

  • New Loudness Range section.

Loudness Range - LEVELS

  • Separated LUFS section.

LUFS meters - LEVELS

  • New presets.


  • Compact view.


  • Adjustable filter solo in Stereo Field section.

Filter - LEVELS

  • Tool tip suggestions on how to fix the issues the LEVELS finds.

Tool Tips - LEVELS

  • Mid / Side solo feature.
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • Better error code reporting.
  • Offline activation.
  • Bug Fixes.