Logic Pro 11 – What’s New?

Apple has just unveiled Logic Pro 11, an exciting update that pushes the boundaries of music production software. Available for both iPad and Mac starting May 13, this latest iteration introduces groundbreaking AI-driven features designed to revolutionize the music-making process.

With enhancements like Session Players, Stem Splitter, and ChromaGlow, Logic Pro 11 promises to offer unprecedented creative control, allowing users to effortlessly refine and expand their soundscapes.

As Apple continues to integrate powerful AI tools with the robust performance of its M-series chips, Logic Pro 11 is set to become an indispensable tool for music producers looking to elevate their tracks to professional standards.

Logic Pro 11

Session Players – Expanding Creativity with AI

Logic Pro 11 introduces Session Players, an advanced extension of the already popular Drummer feature. This new addition brings virtual Bass and Keyboard Players into the mix, powered by sophisticated AI algorithms. These virtual musicians can dynamically adapt to the nuances of your music, providing bass lines and keyboard melodies that react in real time to chord progressions and user input.

Logic Pro Bass session player

For producers looking to ensure that these AI-generated tracks hold up against industry standards, Mastering The Mix offers a powerful tool: REFERENCE. This plugin allows you to compare the AI-generated bass and keyboard tracks directly against professionally recorded tracks.

By A/B testing with REFERENCE, you can quickly identify discrepancies in level, tonal balance, and stereo width, ensuring that each session player's output meshes seamlessly within your overall mix.

Whether you’re tweaking the low-end groove from the Bass Player or the harmonic complexity from the Keyboard Player, REFERENCE provides the critical listening framework necessary for top-tier production.

Reference beat maker

Stem Splitter – Isolating Genius

With the introduction of Stem Splitter, Logic Pro 11 offers an invaluable tool for extracting individual components from a mixed track. This powerful feature divides any audio file into four distinct stems: Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Other Instruments. This capability is especially useful when remixing, remastering, or extracting samples where the original multitrack recordings are unavailable, allowing producers to manipulate individual elements with unprecedented precision.

Stem Splitter in Logic Pro 11

To complement the functionality of Stem Splitter, FUSER by Mastering The Mix resolves conflicting channels by assisting you in adjusting volume balance, enhancing phase optimization, and implementing intelligent mid-side sidechain ducking. With FUSER's smart 'Conflict Detection' and groundbreaking 'Resolve Conflicts' feature, you'll effortlessly find a great starting point to fix those audio clashes without overdoing it.

This integration not only maintains but enhances the spatial and dynamic qualities of the original recording, allowing for a polished, high-quality final product.

Fuser in a dark studio

Combining Stem Splitter with FUSER ensures that each isolated element not only stands alone in quality but also complements the entire mix effectively. This combination is perfect for producers aiming to achieve a refined and balanced sound from previously mixed recordings, making it an essential duo in modern music production workflows.

ChromaGlow – Instant Sonic Warmth

ChromaGlow is a standout feature in Logic Pro 11, leveraging AI to model the revered warmth and presence of classic studio hardware. This tool provides five distinct saturation styles, allowing producers to add everything from subtle warmth to significant punch and presence to their tracks. Whether aiming for modern clarity or vintage glow, ChromaGlow adapts to enhance the character of any audio seamlessly.


When pairing ChromaGlow with Mastering The Mix's MIXROOM plugin, users can achieve even more detailed control over their tonal balance. MIXROOM offers an intuitive interface to fine-tune mid and high frequencies, ensuring that the warmth added by ChromaGlow does not overshadow the clarity and detail essential in a professional mix. The combination of ChromaGlow's saturation and MIXROOM's precision EQ helps in sculpting a sound that's both rich and balanced, ready for any listening environment.

Mixroom and Bassroom

Cross-Platform Functionality

The seamless integration between the iPad and Mac versions of Logic Pro 11 exemplifies Apple's commitment to flexibility and mobility in music production. Users can start a project on their iPad and continue it on their Mac with no loss of data or fidelity, thanks to project round-tripping. This feature is especially beneficial for producers who often switch between studio and remote settings.

Audio production

Mastering The Mix’s EXPOSE 2 is the perfect companion for ensuring your mix translates well across all devices and systems. As a standalone application, EXPOSE 2 allows producers to quickly identify technical issues in their tracks, such as over-compression, phase problems, and clipping that might occur before releasing your music. By analyzing the final master on any device, EXPOSE 2 ensures that your music maintains its quality and impact, no matter where your listeners are enjoying it.

EXPOSE 2 audio quality control

Integrating Logic Pro 11 with Mastering The Mix

Logic Pro 11 introduces a range of innovative features that, when combined with Mastering The Mix plugins, provide a robust solution for music producers seeking professional-grade results.

From the creative possibilities opened by Session Players and Stem Splitter to the sonic enhancements from ChromaGlow, and the seamless workflow of cross-platform functionality, Logic Pro 11 sets a new standard for music production software.

By integrating these tools with Mastering The Mix's precision plugins like REFERENCE, FUSER, MIXROOM, and EXPOSE 2, producers can achieve a sound that stands out in the crowded music industry. As technology continues to advance, the fusion of powerful software with expertly designed plugins will remain crucial in crafting the hits of tomorrow.

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