Speed Stem Mastering

Being more efficient in the studio can help you create more music in less time. In this video, you can watch me stem master an EDM track by ‘Masteria’ in under 30 minutes. This is an exercise in utilising systems to speed up your workflow. 


Below is a list of four simple systems that I used in this video. Had I not had these systems in place, it would have taken me at least 20% longer. If music is your business (or you want it to be), you can’t afford to skip these simple steps. 

  • Have templates ready to accommodate the majority of your projects.
  • Have plugins bypassed but ready in the project so they’re there if you need them. Ideally close to your favourite settings, or flat and ready for any adjustments.
  • Have presets saved in REFERENCE so you always have your favourite reference tracks at hand.
  • Always check the mastered file with EXPOSE to make sure you haven’t got any technical issues with your master before you upload it or send it to a client.

Artist: https://soundcloud.com/itsmasteria


Click here to try the plugins I used in this video.