Spotify changes streaming target to -14 LUFS

Spotify has changed it’s integrated streaming loudness from around -12 LUFS to around -14 LUFS. They have turned down their target playback level. This means that producers can make their music more dynamic without worrying about competition with the louder tracks.


Loudness Wars Problem Solved


The human ear perceives louder songs to sound richer with more clarity. Louder music comes at the expense of compressed dynamics and true peaks clipping.


Loudness wars issue


Music consumption is now mostly through streaming platforms who have control over delivery. Your music will be heard at around -14LUFS regardless of how loud you master it.

Spotify normalisation infographic


Now you can focus on creating dynamic and musical productions without having to worry about competing for loudness.


Dynamic is better than compressed.


How To Master Your Music To Get The Best Result On Spotify


We have released an update to our mixing and mastering plugin ‘LEVELS’ to help you get the best from whatever platform you release your music on. Download LEVELS here and select the ‘Streaming’ preset to make sure your masters sound their best on Spotify.




Already own LEVELS and want the update? Click the ? icon in the top right hand corner of the plugin and you will see a link to update to the latest version. The download link we sent you when you purchased will also lead to the new installer.