Stereo Mastering Walkthrough Video #17 [Jazz Pop]

Watch the full step-by-step walkthrough (with narrated explanations) of how I stereo mastered 'Can't We Try Again?' by Jens Andreas Kleiven to get it sounding it's best.

This particular mastering session was a great example of how to boost the high-end to improve the clarity of the sound. This is a dangerous area, as too much boosting can lead to a harsh sound, BUT you also don't want to be afraid of doing what's needed in the production.

This was a particular challenge in this song as the 'esses' in the vocal were quite prominent, so a mixture of dynamic EQ attenuation in the 'ess' frequency range and transparent boosting in the high-end was needed.

Hopefully, you'll uncover some techniques that you can use in your own productions to get your mixes sounding great.


Artist: Jens Andreas Kleiven
Drums: Thomas Gallatin
Bass: Geir Dahle
Guitar: Espen Tappel
Keys, Lead and backing vocals: Jens Andreas Kleiven.
Mixed by Espen Tappe
Mastered by Tom Frampton