Stem Mastering

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If you're looking for a dramatic sonic enhancement, then stem mastering is for you. With stem mastering, you'll send me groups of audio tracks from the project. This gives me greater control over the final sound and allows me fine tune the main elements of your mix to perfection

Gauranteed Results

3 rounds of revisions included to ensure we get the perfect result

48 Hour Turnaround

You'll get your first version within 2 business days.

Clients Include


5 star Reviews on SOUNDBETTER

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Hi, I'm Tom Frampton, owner of Mastering The Mix... and also a mastering engineer. Want to sound as good as your favourite artist? You've come to the right place.

As a music producer, you know that great-sounding FINISHED songs are your most valuable assets in your musical journey.

My goal is to help you get that song you’ve been working super-hard on sounding it’s absolute best!

I want your music to resonate with the people that listen and for it to open doors to life changing opportunities. My mastering service has improved the sound of thousands of artists tracks, elevating the quality and improving the chances of success.

If you’re looking for a great sounding final master, then I can confidently say that you will be glad you decided to work with me.

Whether it’s a major label, chart topping artist, band or individual, people love the service I give and the sound I deliver. Hundreds of clients have left me a 5 star review after completing a project with me. (read them here)

Let's get your music sounding it's best!

Customer Reviews

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Brett Rosin
Tom was just awesome to work with.

Tom was just awesome to work with. He took a track that wasn't properly sequenced (due to my errors) and cleaned it up quickly and efficiently. I can't wait to work with him again in the future. Just a great dude.

Niclas U
Tom delivered a great master!

Tom delivered a great master! This is the second time I worked with him. You can feel comfortable having 100% trust in his advice and in the great quality of his work.

Remy Cardy
Tom did this work really fast

For this one, we were short with the deadline and Tom did this work really fast with great quality and professionalism.

Happy as always :)
Thanks Tom

Javier Bonilla
Amazing experience once again working with Tom

Amazing experience once again working with Tom, I could not have asked for a better master! Tom is truly somebody who's work speaks for itself, looking forward to working together again!

Andre McCoy aka Famous Dwayne
This is exactly how I wanted to have the track

This is exactly how I wanted to have the track mixed. Now I need him to mix all 55 of my other tracks. He's going to be tired of me when this is all over.I have been 30 years in studios here in Germany. And out of all the tracks I've done, nothing comes close to what magic he just made on Pop Dat Peppa.I'm stayin for some breakfast. America and England rides again. We're gonna make history together. Sincerely, a very satisfied Famous Dwayne!

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